Lacey, Healthy Ventures Touch Down in Expo East

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Lacey, Healthy Ventures Touch Down in Expo East

Berry Sleepy and Berry Awake are two natural products created under the leadership of Jim Lacey, an experienced consumer products developer and entrepreneur. These all-natural products unlock the power of superfruits to provide a healthy alternative to synthetic sleep aids and additive-packed energy shots. Healthy Ventures LLC, the parent company of the Berry Awake/Berry Sleepy line, recently hosted a tasting booth at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Maryland.

The colorful booth received accolades from event attendees. Visitors to the company’s booth indicated that the products had delicious natural fruit flavors, and most were amazed at the fact that the Berry Awake Natural Energy Shots were sugar-free and tasted great. Berry Awake is available in two flavors, Strawberry and Mixed Berry. Later in 2018, the company will bring two new flavors to market, with Orange-Mango and Strawberry-Banana joining the lineup. Berry Awake is fortified with 2000mg of pea protein, providing an extra kick of energy without the “crash” associated with artificial energy shots currently on the market.

Healthy Ventures LLC and Berry Sleepy/Berry Awake were National Gold Sponsors for both the Expo East and the Natural Products Expo West, held in March in Anaheim, California. At both events, the sampling tent complemented the product booth, giving team members a chance to meet other natural products vendors and to get the word out among consumers. Although Berry Awake has only been on the market since 2017, sales growth has been tremendous. Jim Lacey’s background in the consumer products industry has helped guide the company as it expands its product line and its market reach; customers from as far away as Dubai have flocked to the all-natural sleep aid products.

The company plans further expansion with an aggressive television and social media marketing campaign throughout 2018. The company’s efforts have already paid off; Berry Sleepy and Berry Awake were two products chosen to receive a REX (Retail Excellence) Award from Drug Store News. This prestigious industry award was established to help retailers identify products that make positive difference in consumers’ lives, and is a testament to the commitment of Healthy Ventures LLC in bringing healthful nutritional supplements to store shelves around the world. Learn more about the author